Sarojini Naidu Vanita Pharmacy Maha Vidyalaya

College for Women(ESTD 1997-1998)
Sponsored by Exhibition Society
Affiliated to Osmania University

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Clubs & Activities


Club is an association of people united by a common interest or goal. Joining an on-campus club can provide personal, social, and professional benefits. Clubs can help students find community, make friends, network, and have fun.

7 different clubs of Sarojini Naidu Vanita Pharmacy Maha Vidyalaya (SNVPMV):

1. Fine arts, Debate & Quiz club: This club evolved in SNVPMV to explore, encourage and improve the inherent skills and talent of students in fine arts (like painting, poetry, mehndi, rangoli, embroidery art etc.), debate and quiz. In Debate, students are trained to express their ideas confidently and more meaningfully and contradict the opposite team on a given topic. Quizzes are conducted to assess student’s knowledge level and to facilitate learning.

2. Group Discussion & Oratory club: This club was started in SNVPMV to develop the students critical thinking skills, improve their communication skills, increase self-confidence, and build teamwork. Students are trained to overcome their inhibitions and speak eloquently in public.

3. Sports and Fitness club: This club of SNVPMV encourages students to actively engage themselves in physical activity through sports and exercises which ultimately helps them to become fit and strong. Students enjoy their work outs in a well-equipped, air-conditioned gym and playing various sports like basket ball, table tennis, throw ball, shuttle, cricket, tennikoit, chess, carroms etc. during their sports hours of time-table.

4. Music & Dance club: At SNVPMV, this is one of the most favorite student’s club meant to ignite, explore and unleash one’s inner artists. This club provides a platform to the upcoming artists to pursue their passion for music as well as dance. Students practice regularly on classical, filmy and western songs in the air-conditioned auditorium which is provided with one of the best sound systems. One of our students fetched the Guinness World Records in classical dance and many other bagged prizes at various platforms.

5. Photography & Skit/Short film/Reel making Club: Photography club was started after realizing that it’s a passion to many students to click and collect beautiful pictures of nature, society, events and other themes encountered in our day-to-day life. Students creativity in photographing is admired and encouraged to make life time memories with good photographs. Keeping in view the present interests of students, this club was introduced to encourage their creativity, expression and performance in enacting skits, dramas, preparing memes, reels and short films. Students are directed to work on different themes and advised to make interesting videos. The short films posted by SNVPMV students on subject oriented and general topics are amongst the most liked and watched ones on various social media platforms.

6. Lifestyle & Anchoring club: A healthy lifestyle leads to a happy life and it is very important for everyone to maintain good physical and mental health. Anchoring improves confidence, creativity, communication with others and allows fast decision-making. In this club, students of SNVPMV are guided to practice and counsel others on healthy lifestyle modifications and they are trained well to anchor during various events.

7. Mitra & Outreach club: Mitra club was initiated to discuss various issues and give friendly support to female students of SNVPMV, who are in need. Students are strengthened mentally and guided through the right path which brings them happiness. Outreach club of SNVPMV is directed towards societal benefit, aimed at reaching the students studying in Government schools and motivating them by delivering few presentations on some important topics, offering them some needed stationery etc.                       



1 Fine arts, Debate & Quiz Mrs Leemol Shaju

Dr. M. Shiva Ramakrishna

Mrs.K.Vinutha, Dr.K.Mahalaxmi, Mrs P.  Divya theja Ms.Shivnandini  (B.Pharm II yr)

Ms.Harshini(B.Pharm III yr)

Ms.Brighty (Pharm.D IV yr)

2 Group Discussion & Oratory Dr.T.Venu,

Dr. P. Vivek Sagar


Ms.P. Sri Varsha,

Mr.D. Suresh



Ms. M. Spandana Brighty (Pharm.D IV yr)

Ms.S. Nikitha(Pharm.D IV yr)

Ms. K. Bhuvaneshwari (Pharm.D IV yr)

Ms. K.Manisha(Pharm.D IV yr)

3 Sports & Fitness Dr.S.Rohini Reddy



Ms. S. Divya, Mrs.R.Swethasri, Mr.M.Sreekanth


Ms.Deepthishika (B.Pharm III yr)

Ms.Jyothsna (Pharm.D IV yr)

4 Music & Dance Mrs. M. Rajeshwari,


Mrs.Ch.Bhargavi,  Mrs.J. Sarika Ms.K.Sai sree (B.Pharm III yr)

Ms.K.Naveena(B.Pharm III yr)

Ms.P.Kusumanjana(B.Pharm III yr)

5 Photography/Skits, Short film/Reel making Dr. P. Praneetha

Dr.Ch. Shanthipriya

Mrs. R. Prashanthi, Mrs.A.Jyothi,  Ms.Rakshitha

(Pharm.D II Yr)

Ms.A.Shivani (B.Pharm II yr)

6 Lifestyle & Anchoring Mrs. R.V.S. Latha sree Mrs. P. Kavitha,

Mrs J. Swathi,

Dr. Hadiya Iram


Ms.A.V. Vasanthi (B.Pharm I yr)

Ms.Medha Gayatri. (B.Pharm I yr)

Ms.Siddra Tabassum (Pharm.D III yr)

Ms. P.S. Swetha

(Pharm.D III yr)

7 Mitra & Outreach Dr. B. Shiva Jyothi




Ms.P. Ramya

Ms.V.Shravani (B.Pharm III yr)

Ms.Deekshitha Ramani (B.Pharm II yr)


Overall Club in-charge : Dr. K. Sirisha

Deputy club-in charges: Mrs. A. Shailaja, Dr. V. Santhoshini

Overall Student representatives: Ms. L. Shravani (B.Pharm III yr)

                                                     Ms. Deeksha Gaikwad (B.Pharm III yr)

                                                     Ms. J. Kaveri (Pharm. D IV yr)

                                                     Ms. Dhanyatha Boylla (Pharm. D III yr)