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An Alumni Association plays a pivotal role in fostering a strong and enduring connection between the college and its graduates. This organized network of former students serves various functions that contribute to the overall development and prosperity of the college community. The duties and advantages of an Alumni Association are multifaceted, ranging from providing support to current students to enhancing the reputation of the institution.

Functions of an Alumni Association:

➢ Networking Opportunities:

Alumni associations create a platform for networking among graduates, facilitating professional connections and mentorship opportunities . Networking events, both physical and virtual, allow alumni to interact and share their experiences, fostering a sense of community.

➢ Career Support:

Alumni associations often provide career counseling, job placement services, and workshops to help recent graduates transition into the workforce .Experienced alumni may offer internships, job referrals, and insights into various industries.

➢ Fundraising and Financial Support:

Alumni associations play a crucial role in fundraising efforts for the college, contributing to scholarships, infrastructure development, and other essential projects. Financial contributions from alumni can significantly enhance the resources available to the institution.

➢ Mentorship Programs:

Alumni can serve as mentors for current students, providing guidance on academic and career-related matters. Mentorship programs foster a sense of continuity and create a supportive environment for students.

➢Event Organization:

Alumni associations organize reunions, homecoming events, and other gatherings that allow graduates to reconnect with each other and with the college. Events may include seminars, conferences, and cultural activities that contribute to the intellectual and cultural growth of both alumni and current students.
Duties of an Alumni Association:

➢ Maintaining Communication:

Regular communication through newsletters, social media, and other channels helps keep alumni informed about college developments, achievements, and events.

➢ Database Management:

Alumni associations maintain accurate databases of graduates, facilitating efficient communication and coordination of events and initiatives.

➢ Collaboration with the College:

Collaborating with the college administration ensures that the alumni association aligns its efforts with the institution’s goals and objectives.

➢ Supporting Student Initiatives:

Alumni associations may support student clubs, organizations, and projects, fostering a sense of community and continuity.
Advantages of an Alumni Association for the College:

➢Enhanced Reputation:

A vibrant alumni community reflects positively on the college, attracting prospective students, faculty, and potential donors.

➢ Resource Mobilization:

Alumni associations contribute to fundraising efforts, providing financial resources for scholarships, research, and infrastructure development.

➢ Increased Engagement:

Engaged alumni contribute not only financially but also through active participation in college events, creating a dynamic and supportive atmosphere.

➢ Professional Development:

Alumni serving as mentors and sharing their expertise contribute to the professional development of current students, preparing them for success in their careers.

➢ Loyalty and Pride:

A strong alumni association fosters a sense of loyalty and pride among graduates, creating lifelong ambassadors for the college.

We have conducted 3 Alumni meetings in 2021, 2022 & 2023. In 2021 held on 5th September in college auditorium nearly 45 students were attended. Alumni first batch students Mrs.Indira Rani and Mrs.T. Rajeswari took efforts for the successful conduct of the event.The chief Guest for this occasion was Dr.Renuka Datla, chairperson, Biological E Limited, Hyderabad. In 2022 conducted on 31st July-2022. Few students are attended through online and few are attended by half line. Our management has given prizes for B.Pharm & M. Pharm students in academic achievements .Alumni meeting was conducted on 24th September-2023, nearly 70 students was attended. Alumni president, executive members and management encouraging for research works. Students were shared their valuable suggestions to other students. We look forward to continue this tradition and strengthening the bond between alumni and institution in the years to come. The Alumni Association is a vital component of any college community, contributing to its growth, development, and sustained success. By fostering connections, providing support, and engaging with current students, alumni play a crucial role in shaping the future of the institution.

S.No. Full Name Designation/Working Status Address / State/ Country Contact number Email Address
1 Dr.T.Saritha Jyotsna President Principal Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Pharmacy Mahavidyalaya, Secunderabad, Telangana, India Flat No. My Home jewel 9248077972
2 Mrs. A. Sushma Vice President Assistant professor Sultan ul-uloom college of Pharmacy,Hyder abad,Telangana H.No: 6-3- 346/4&5/3B, Casa Indira Apartments, Dwarakapuri colony, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana-500082 9492028594
3 Mrs. N. Indira Rani Secretary Assistant Professor Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Pharmacy Mahavidyalaya, Secunderabad, Telangana, India H.No. 3-5-78, Flatno.503, Rajmohalla, Hyderabad 9247470380
4 Mrs. D.Sumalatha Joint Secretary Manager Leads Pharma Pvt. Ltd., IIIrd Party Manufacturers H.No: 1-1- 29/38, Jaijavan Colony, Saket Road, Kapra, ECIL, Hyderabad-500062 9701240142
5 Mrs.M.Rajes hwari Treasurer Assistant Professor Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Pharmacy Mahavidyalaya, Secunderabad, Telangana, India 10-1- 639/20, Chintal Basti. khairatabad. Hyderabad-50004 9550356321
6 Mrs. Shailaja Alumni Member Assistant Professor Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Pharmacy Mahavidyalaya, Secunderabad, Telangana, India H.No- 172-11, JLNSNagar, Tukaram gate, Northlalaguda Secunderabad 9002009598
7 Mrs. Kavitha Nagraj Alumni Member Assistant Professor Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Pharmacy Mahavidyalaya, Secunderabad, Telangana, India H.No: 3-125/82/121/1 RD NO 2, NEW BHAVANI NAGAR ,BODUPPAL ,MEDCHAL MALKAJGIRI - 500092 8465946768
8 Mrs. Hadiya Irum Alumni Member Assistant Professor Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Pharmacy Mahavidyalaya, Secunderabad, Telangana, India H.No: 3-3- 286/1, Masjid Lane,L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad 7659884709
9 Mrs. Nattava Prasanna Lakshmi Alumni Member Assistant Professor Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy,Madh apur,Hyderabad, Telangana, India H.No. 8-3-318/12, Flat No G1, Prashanth nilayam apartments, opp state home, Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad -5000073 9908633362
10 Mrs. G. R. Prasanna Laxmi Alumni Member Senior Assistant Professor RBVRR Womens College of Pharmacy, Barkhatpura Hyderabad, Telangana, India HNo: 12-12-134 Ravindra nagar Sithafalmandi Secunderabad - 500061 9247257367