Sarojini Naidu Vanita Pharmacy Maha Vidyalaya

College for Women(ESTD 1997-1998)
Sponsored by Exhibition Society
Affiliated to Osmania University

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Events Reports

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16 Report on Guest Lecture 20-10-2021-Report-16 View Report
17 webinar report -17 View Report
18 National Seminar-18 View Report
19 Women's Day -Report on visit to Wonderla-19 View Report
20 NIN Visit-16march2022-morning session-Report-20 View Report
21 NIN Visit-16march2022-After noon session-Report-21 View Report
22 Report on Industrial Visit to Clinisync Clinical Research Pvt ltd on 19-03-2022-Report 22 View Report
23 Report on participation of SNVPMV students in sports and Games Competition -20-03-22-Report -23 View Report
24 Report on Visit to Exhibition on 23-03-2022 -Report 24 View Report
25 Report on Guest Lecture by Mr Naresh Shukla on 24-03-2022-Report 25 View Report
26 Report on Campus Placements by Glaxo Smithkline on 25-03-2022-Report 26 View Report
27 Report on Industrial Visit-Mars Therapeutics Ltd on 06-04-2022-Report 27 View Report
28 Report on Campus Placements by yashoda hospitals-Report 28 View Report
29 Report on world book and copy right day-Report29 View Report
30 Report on Industrial Visit to Enal Drugs Pvt., Ltd., Hyderabad.-Report-30 View Report
31 Report on campus placements by MSN Laboratories Pvt Ltd-Report -31 View Report
32 Report on Interview Skills by TASK-Report -32 View Report
33 Report on International Yoga Day-Report-33 View Report
34 Report on suvarna techno soft campus placement-Report-34 View Report
35 Report on Task/Eclat health soluns campus placement-Report 35 View Report
36 Report on seminar on principles of clinical data management-Report 36 View Report
37 Report on seminar on Ethics in animal experimentation-Report 37 View Report
38 Report on Graduation Day Celebrations-31july2022-Report 38 View Report
39 Report on Interactive Session on Research Activities-31july2022-Report 39 View Report
40 Report on National Seminar-22-08-2022-Report 40 View Report
41 Report on pacement drive -crenza pharmaceuticals-Report 41 View Report
42 Report on Root Cause Analysis-Report 42 View Report
43 Report on visit to Amnean Therapeutics Pvt Ltd-Report 43 View Report
44 The ExReport on Exciting Field of DNA Editing Technology (CRISPR – CAS9)-Report 44 View Report
45 Report On Visit To Analytical Anacon Expo At HITEX, Hyderabad-Report 45 View Report
46 Report On Visit To CCMB (CENTRE CELLULAR MOLECULAR BIOLOGY) Open Day 22-Report 46 View Report
47 Report on One Day Symposium Simulation for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing-Report 47 View Report
48 Report On The Event Of World Pharmacist Day Celebrations -2022 Report 48 View Report